Discover the 11 most beautiful cities in Belgium

After 3 visits to the Belgian country, I indicate what in my opinion, are the 11 most beautiful cities in Belgium. As in some cases I have a hard time deciding which city is more beautiful than another, I leave the list in alphabetical order.

The Discover the 11 most beautiful cities in Belgium.

1.- Antwerp.

One of the largest cities in the country, does not leave anyone indifferent due to the enormity of its buildings, on all of the main avenue of the city where we will find a shopping center, which looks more like a museum of luxury. Special mention belongs to the beauty of its Cathedral with its decoration and stained glass windows. Two other essential elements in your journey is the town hall, a spectacular work of art with the Fountain of Brabo located in front of him and his Castle. Also, when you enter the train station you will also be fascinated by its interior. Discover what to see in Antwerp in one day.

Grote Markt y Stadhauis de Amberes

Grote Markt and Stadhauis of Antwerp

2.- Bruges.

For me, one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. Its channels make the wonder of any tourist. Losing yourself in its cobbled streets will transport you to a medieval era. The architecture of the buildings of the MarktPlatz are fascinating and give way to the Bell Tower of the city from where we will get some panoramic of great beauty. Multiple churches also increase interest in the city, and above all do not miss one of the few mills that remain standing on its periphery. Discover what to see in Bruges in one day.

Campanario de Brujas: una de las ciudades más bonitas de Bélgica

Belfry of Bruges: one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium

3.- Brussels.

The capital of the country. Despite its small size, it hides corners that you can not forget about your mind, such as the Grand Place. Another icon of the city known throughout the world is its Atomium and MiniEuropa. In addition, the city contains a great variety of architecture, churches, parks and museums, such as Autoworld. The interior of your Palace of Justice, which can be visited by tourists, should not be overlooked on your trip either. Discover what to see in Brussels in two days.

El Atomium, un icono de Bruselas

The Atomium, an icon of Brussels

4.- Dinant.

The well-known «city of the saxophone» receives the traveler with the Charles De Gaulle Bridge crowned with 28 saxophones representing the countries of the European Union and ending with the impressive and beautiful Collégiale Notre-Dame. I recommend using the cable car to go up to the Ciudadela, from where we can get some impressive photographs of the city. Finally, we can not miss the opportunity to visit an impressive spectacle of nature, the Grotte de la Merveilleuse. Discover what to see in Dinant in a day.

Grotte de la Merveilleuse en Dinant

Grotte de la Merveilleuse in Dinant

5.- Ghent.

Together with Bruges, it competes for being one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. It is a city that is visited quickly, as the great majority of important monuments of Ghent converge in its historic center. Do not forget to visit the Castle of Ghent. Its channels compete in beauty with those of Bruges, as well as its tremendous bell tower from where we will capture the greatness of the city. It is also worth highlighting its Cathedral and the curious red canyon «Margarita la Loca». Discover what to see in Ghent in a day.

Graslei, el muelle de las hierbas de Gante, una de las ciudades más bonitas de Bélgica

Graslei, the Ghent herb pier, one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium

6.- Liege.

It is a huge city and its elements of interest are quite far from its modernist architecture station. Your colorful Collégiale Saint-Barthélemy will surprise you. You will also be struck by the large number of churches that populate the city. One of the most beautiful elements at the architectural level is the Palais des Princes-Evêques. Discover what to see in Liège in one day.

Palais des Princes-Evêques de Lieja

Palais des Princes-Evêques de Liège

7.- Leuven.

When we get to its square and see the church of San Pedro and the City Hall we already grasp the grandeur of this city. Its canals shine in this city of great fame for having the longest bar in Europe due to Oude Markt, its main entertainment street full of places to have a drink. Although the most surprising thing for me is his beguinage. Discover what to see in Leuven in a day.

Gran Beaterio de Lovaina

Great Beguine of Louvain

8.- Mechelen.

Its cathedral is one of the most beautiful in the country, and the experience of climbing the Tower of San Rumoldo and seeing the city from the heights already justify the visit. Curious its main square totally pedestrian that allows you to enjoy the buildings that surround it. Discover what to see in Mechelen in one day.

Malinas desde la Torre de San Rumoldo

Mechelen from the Tower of San Rumoldo

9.- Mons.

You will be surprised by the structure of the Collegiate Church of Santa Waudru. A pity that I could not climb the bell tower because it was already closed when I arrived, but the place where it is located is wonderful. Its square and the gardens of the mayor behind it culminate this beautiful city. Discover what to see in Mons in a day.

Colegiata de Santa Waudru de Mons

Collegiate Church of Santa Waudru de Mons

10.- Namur.

Its small historic center has several very nice elements. Although, the «main course» of this city is its Citadel from where we can enjoy a spectacular view of the town and its channel. Discover what to see in Namur in one day.

Namur y sus canales desde la Ciudadela

Namur and its channels from the Citadel

11.- Tournai.

A pity that when I visited it they were remodeling their Cathedral, but I could enjoy the views from the bell tower as well as its splendid Grand Place. Also highlight the beauty of its churches, without forgetting its curious Bridge of Holes. Discover what to see in Tournai in one day.

Grand Place de Tournai

Grand Place de Tournai

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